The Make Zappa Proud Compilation is now here!

7 September 2014

It’s been awhile since we have had an official update. Life has been busy at our HQ with recent changes in the staff roster and some personal upheavals. Adam Air came through with the artwork and we are very pleased with it! What do you guys think? More announcements coming soon for releases and partnerships! Enjoy the compilation!

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The Shadow Operatives Self-titled Release!

1 August 2014

The Shadow Operatives debut CD is now out for digital sales on bandcamp! Physical CDs will be forthcoming early 2015.  Till then check it out below:

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“Satan Is My God” by Selfexile

4 July 2014

We have just added a new band to our roster! Please welcome Selfexile from the Czech Republic which is Jeremy’s, the artist who created all of our logo work, band. Their only demo release, Satan Is My God, is now available for digital download on bandcamp and the CD release is expected to be out in Feburary 0f 2015!

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The ‘Make Zappa Proud’ Compilation CD

22 June 2014

We are currently looking for bands to add onto a free compilation CD that we will feature on our bandcamp page and, eventually, print a limited amount of for any who may want them. Interested parties would only pay shipping. The theme for this one will be songs that are drum-centric or have exceptional drum-lines that listeners can’t help but notice. Our requirements for songs are as follows:

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Hell, World!

13 February 2014

We are a small independent label that wants to share its love of music with the world by helping bands make a mark on the international level. We derive our experience in handling projects and bands from our own previous projects, everyday experiences, and general outlook on the music industry.

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